Hello Fellow Residents of RHE,

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Please feel free to visit as many times as you like, and leave questions on any topic that concerns you. Be as candid as you like as I welcome the opportunity to address any issue, rumors, or opposition any resident might have regarding our beautiful City. I believe a City as unique and small as ours, should have open communication with its City Hall, beyond the formal government procedures. I also welcome business owners; especially those who have store fronts in the business district, to contact me as well. Anyone who has a vested interest in our City should have a voice that is respected, and listened to, prior to any changes made that might affect them. There should never be a hidden agenda within our City Hall.

Before I decided to run for RHE City Council, I had been very concerned regarding rumors of a development proposed at the Seahorse site just North of City Hall. I addressed the Council in March of this year. I was reassured no one on the Council would approve such a project, however, rumors persisted. When the City wrote up Ordinances 689, 690 and 691, it became apparent to me that one of the ordinances could be used as a vehicle for such a project. Worse, IF the City was successful in passing these ordinances, as written, our beautiful Rural City was doomed to be destroyed by overdevelopment. Please take the time to browse the various papers I have written. One is an explanation I provided to my HOA so that all could understand the ramifications of these ordinances. The other document is a lengthy, but very detailed, timeline outlining all steps taken to stop City Hall from approving the ordinances as written.

The Candidate Debate was taped October 10th on Cox Cable and will be airing very soon. At the debate, I explain in further detail, these ordinances and how hard the current City Hall tried to keep meetings with Developers hidden from the public, regarding the Seahorse Riding Club property, until they were forced to disclose all information. The City purposely denied that they had a private negotiation meeting, but after 9 months of pursuing the truth, the information has finally been disclosed. Once you read all of my documents, it will become clear why I decided to run for City Council. My resume and partial client lists will justify my qualifications.

It would be my honor to serve the City of Rolling Hills Estates, and use my extensive experience in government to properly represent our fine City.

Thank you, once again, for taking the time to review my site. I look forward to answering any and all questions asked by anyone who resides in the City or does business in the City.


Thank you.

Clark S. Davis


P.S. At your request, I would welcome attending your HOA meeting, or scheduling a group meeting whereupon we could discuss any topic of importance. I am still rehabilitating from recent back surgeries, so I will not be able to walk the neighborhoods. But I am willing to meet with any group, anytime.


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